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Block Those Unwanted UV Rays

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Celebrate Foods From The First Thanksgiving Feast

Thanksgiving is celebrated each November in the United States and each October in Canada . People traditionally gather around the dinner table flanked by friends and extended members of their families to give thanks for the blessings they enjoyed throughout the year . Turkey
is typically the centerpiece of the Thanksgiving meal . Although turkey can be a delicious and nutritious addition to the table , individuals looking to expand their culinary horizons can borrow from the foods believed to have been shared among the Pilgrims and Wampanoag natives in
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LLC the 1621 first feast . WATERFOWL
Wild turkey were available in abundance in the New World , but historians believe that , during the first Thanksgiving meal , participants likely feasted on waterfowl instead of turkey . Turkey wasn ’ t common Thanksgiving fare until after 1800 . Waterfowl , according to National Geographic , includes ducks , mallards , swans , and geese . Those looking to experiment can take a break from turkey and make duck the centerpiece of their meals this Thanksgiving . SEAFOOD
Plymouth , Massachusetts , is located where Cape Cod Bay and the Atlantic Ocean meet . As a result , indigenous people and the pilgrims likely relied on the bounties afforded by the ocean for their sustenance . Documentation by pilgrim chronicler Edward Winslow indicates lobster , fish and clams were likely served . People who enjoy seafood or those who prefer to abstain from meat or poultry can embrace seafood this Thanksgiving . FRUITS AND VEGETABLES
Fruits native to the region where the first Thanksgiving took place included blueberries , plums , grapes , gooseberries , raspberries , and cranberries . Cranberry sauce was an unlikely menu option since sugar that traveled over on the Mayflower was gone by November 1621 , according to History . com . Also , cooks didn ’ t begin boiling cranberries with sugar until about 50 years later . To recreate the first Thanksgiving , enjoy raw fruit as a tasty dessert , which can be healthier than sugar-laden sauces . Vegetables to enjoy include onions , beans , spinach , cabbage , carrots , and corn . Corn was likely turned into cornmeal and pounded into a thick corn porridge . Try a cornmeal recipe can liven up this year ’ s festivities . TURNIPS
Plant roots found in 1621 included parsnips and turnips , and not the popular potatoes that accompany turkey at a modern Thanksgiving meal . The potato was not yet pop-
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