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Feeling Down About Thin or Shedding HAIR ?
4 TIPS To PROTECT your KIDS Online
Benefits of COMMITTING to FAMILY Mealtime
Feeling Down About Thin or Shedding HAIR ?
Hair is an important part of your personal style and when a special event is approaching , such as a wedding or big birthday , it can help you look and feel your best .
If you ’ re experiencing thinning hair or hair loss , it ’ s important to know you ’ re not alone .
It ’ s normal to shed between 50 and 100 hairs a day . You may temporarily shed more than this due to stressors such as giving birth , losing a significant amount of weight , or recovering from an illness or operation . As your body readjusts , shedding should go back to normal levels .
Hair loss occurs when the hair stops growing - this can be caused by treatments like chemotherapy or hereditary hair loss .
Nourish from the inside : Look at your diet . Protein is important , so stock up on lean meats , Greek yogurt , beans , nut butters , avocado , peas , quinoa and chia seeds .
Boost vitamin intake : Supplements can make a big difference for hair health .
Wash every other day : A dirty scalp can be itchy , leaving hair dry and brittle . Washing every other day is the ideal frequency to promote hair health .
Mind wet hair : Remember , wet hair is weaker , so detangle before you shower rather than after .
Cut heat : When possible , cut down on using heat styling tools or turn the heat down to the lowest effective setting . Explore alternatives that don ’ t use heat , such as rollers .
Go loose : That slick ponytail or braid can damage your hair if worn on a regular basis . These styles pull at the roots and cause breakage mid-strand .
Deep condition : On wash days , leave conditioner on your hair for 3-5 minutes before rinsing . Use this time to relax , meditate and destress .

4 TIPS To PROTECT your KIDS Online

1 . Discuss the dangers of identity theft – In 2021 more than 1.25 million children in the U . S . were victims of identity theft and fraud and over half involved children ages 9 and younger . Most won ’ t know they are victims until they ’ re adults and apply for a loan or credit card .
To reduce this risk , for younger children , emphasize the importance of keeping their full name , birthday , address and phone numbers private . Teenagers should never share their Social Security numbers or driver ’ s license information .
2 . Be mindful of what you and your family post on social media – Make your profiles private and restrict who can see your posts . Limit comment access to close friends and message requests to approved followers only . Never reveal your address or date of birth . Finally , disable location sharing on certain apps .
3 . Review password security best practices – Never use a password that contains personal information - like your birthday or a pet ’ s name - or reuse passwords . Teach your children the importance of password protection and best practices for password security .
Use a password manager . This feature stores and manages your family ’ s online accounts in one place and , more importantly , automatically chooses long , random and complex passwords that are difficult to crack . Never recycle passwords again !
4 . Check parental controls – Parental controls are a powerful tool to give you peace of mind that your kids ’ online activity and behavior are in accordance with your family ’ s preferences . Not only do they allow you to monitor your child ’ s screen time and online activity , but you can also use parental controls to block and filter harmful sites .
With new digital learning devices and platforms your kids are experiencing in school now , comes the need for additional online safety tools and the ability to educate kids on safe online habits .
Benefits of COMMITTING to FAMILY Mealtime
With the school year in full swing , it is challenging for families to find time in their busy schedules to spend quality time together . One easy way to create quality time is family meals at home .
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Studies have shown time the lifelong benefits of family meals , like higher self-esteem in kids , better grades and even an increased consumption of healthier foods such as fruits and veggies . Family meals also give everyone an opportunity to share about their day .
Check out the tips below on how to maximize mealtime with your family :
1 . Ease into it – Start by taking baby steps . If you set a goal to start eating one or two more meals together a week , even if it ’ s just for 30 minutes , you will be more inclined to stick to it , and incorporate even more mealtime from there .
2 . Get the family involved in meal prep – Make mealtime fun by getting the whole family to plan what recipe to make , go grocery shopping together and gather in the kitchen to prepare the food . Kids will not only enjoy being involved in the process , but it will also help to increase the frequency of eating meals together and foster healthier eating habits .
3 . Don ’ t limit family time to dinner – While families tend to gather more often for dinnertime , it doesn ’ t mean parents and kids can ’ t join for breakfast , lunch or even a snack . Start the morning off right with a nutritious meal and keep them energized throughout the school day .
4 . Switch up your meals – Tired of the same boring lunches or snacks , get the family excited by testing out new dishes every week . Get creative with your meals and switch them up by having breakfast for dinner . Or try whipping up a snack board dinner which would be perfect during a family movie night !
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