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September 2019 SENH/ASCE-NH Joint Meeting Summary The September 2019 SENH/ASCE-NH joint meeting was well attended and hosted at Murphy’s Taproom & Carriage House in Bedford, NH. Both Michael Bogue (ASCE-NH President) and Tom Lamb (SENH President) provided opening announcements and after a moment of silence to honor the 9/11 Anniversary an informative presentation was provided by Michael Carter of Doucet Survey. The “Reality Capture with 3D Laser Scanning & Modeling” presentation provided project examples where LIDAR and 3D Visualization have been utilized and detailed the benefits the technology provides. We appreciate the partnership with SENH in continuing our joint meeting initiative and look forward to next year’s event in 2020! Attendees to the SENH/ASCE-NH Joint Meeting Date: September 11th, 2019 Speaker: Michael Carter, Doucet Survey Location: Murphy's Taproom, Bedford, NH 2 PDHs Awarded First Name: Zachary Alex Cassi Mark Josif Darren Michael Jay Sean Robert Kevin Eric Ethan Michael Robert Devon Gregory Edward Lou Normand Mitch Richard Fred Last Name: Abbott Azodi, P.E. Beroney Beroney Bicja, P.E. Blood Bogue, P.E. Brown, P.E. Brown, P.E. Busby, P.E. Carme Caron Carrier Carter Champagne, P.E. Christen Clauson Coleman Cote Cote, P.E. Cummings Driscoll Emanuel, P.E. First Name: Jeff Anna Nevin Kayla Steve Tom Daniel Ryan Matthew Jonathan Timothy Anthony Joe Christopher Paul Emily Hugh Jill Ed Katie Ross Zachary Last Name: Garnett, P.E. Giraldi Gomez, P.E. Hampe, P.E. Hodgdon Lamb, P.E. Martel, P.E. McMullen Mullen Nadeau Polson, P.E. Puntin Ripley, P.E. Robert Sbacchi, P.E. Schneider Scott, P.E. Semprini, P.E. Weingartner, P.E. Welch, E.I.T Wood, P.E. Zavalinos, P.E.