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Thursday & Friday, September 27 th & 28 th Our President, Logan Johnson, and VP, Anabelle Allen took the Thursday shift, promoting ASCE to students. Mike Bogue, President Elect, and Nick Golon, Treasurer, followed up on Friday to wrap up the record-breaking event. always in need of bright young talent to construct our projects. With the increasing age of our labor force in New Hampshire, this event is extremely important to get students excited about a career path in construction. Not every young adult is interested in attending a 4-year college after high school, and this event promotes an array of options. A huge thank you to all who participated in the planning this event, the schools that bused students from miles away from all over New Hampshire, and all the exhibitors and sponsors. ASCE-NH was just one small table out of a whole fairground filled of volunteers promoting the future workforce of tomorrow to lead a career in construction! Logan Johnson with the ASCE water filtration experiment A total of 1,437 students came walking through the fairgrounds over the two-day event. Our volunteers explained to the students that creating clean water is just one of the many, many responsibilities that Civil Engineers have. We serve the community by designing safe travel ways, sturdy structures, means to drain the storm water from our roads and communities,, and maintaining all of these essential pieces to support society! The most important… is that everything a civil engineer designs, needs to be constructed. Construction is the most vital part of the puzzle and the industry is Mike Bogue and Nick Golon with the ASCE table