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Thursday & Friday, September 27 th & 28 th equipment, to welding, to making a structure out of spaghetti with our friends from the DOT. It took a little while for students to figure out what “ASCE” stood for, but a quick hands-on experiment on how to filter water with materials you can gather from your house and yard sparked interest and drew a crowd, where they all wanted to learn more. With the biggest event to date, this year marked the 10-year anniversary of New Hampshire’s Construction Career Days. New Hampshire Construction Career Days (NHCCD) is a two-day event that exposes New Hampshire high school students to possible career paths in both the construction and transportation industries through hands-on exhibits and educational resources. Labor unions, construction companies, school districts, state agencies, trade and professional organizations collaborate to provide the students with an introduction to various aspects of construction. This year, four of our ASCE-NH board members were volunteers and hosted a table with a water filtration experiment to get students excited about Civil Engineering. Thursday morning hundreds of students were bused into the Hillsborough County 4-H Fairgrounds in New Boston, NH where there were countless displays and activities set up for them to explore. Everything from operating large heavy The experiment consisted of a plastic cup with a hole in the bottom, a piece of paper towel, gravel, sand, and some “dirty water” (GO RED SOX!) Students constructed their mini filtration device with first the paper towel to hold in the filter media, followed by a layer of sand, and gravel on top. They then poured in the “dirty water” and competed with other students on who’s water came out cleaner. FILTER BEFORE AFTER Filtration Experiment setup