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November 19 , 2021
How … Child of God
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“ I listened ! They sang it over and over , until they sang the words right into my soul . I said to myself , I wonder if it is true , if there is hope for a sinner like me . Then I listened to one and another tell how they too had been lost in sin and Jesus had saved them ; and when some - one invited any poor sinner to come and kneel with them at the old drum , I threw myself down and cried , ‘ O God , if there is hope for a sinner like me , save me tonight .’
“ Something happened that night . I trusted Christ . He took me in . He made me a new creature . I was born of God and all has been different ever since . We have a happy home now ”— and then he burst into tears . Well , they voted him in , but I could not help but wonder why he wanted to get into an icebox like that .
There you have three ways by which you cannot become a child of God ; and there is the way , and the only way , by which you can be - come a child of God . This getting converted is a divine thing ; it is a divine work — something that the Spirit of God does for the poor
Pastor Christopher Replogle
sinner who comes to Christ . How is it all brought about ?
IV . The One Divine Way
“ But as many as received him , to them gave he power to become the sons of God , even to them that believe on his name .”— Vs . 12 .
You see , that is very different from simply making a lip confession of Christianity . That is a very dif - ferent thing from turning over a new leaf , joining a church , being baptized , or something like that .
“ As many as received him ” means just this : that the poor sinner comes to the place where he gives up all hope of saving himself and says , “ O Christ , come in and dwell with me alone .”
No one ever invited Him to enter who was disappointed . “ Behold , I stand at the door , and knock : if any man hear my voice , and open the door , I will come in to him , and will sup with him , and he with me ” ( Rev . 3:20 ).
Is your heart ’ s door bolted against Him ? Have you lived up to the present moment with Christ out - side ? Will you open the door ?
You say , “ How can I receive Him ? I cannot see Him . In what way can I receive Him ?”
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“ As many as received him , to them gave he power to become the sons of God , even to them that believe on his name .” Do you believe on His name ? What does it mean to believe on His name ?
It means to put your trust in Him . His name speaks of all that He is . “ Thou shalt call his name JESUS : for he shall save his people from their sins ” ( Matt . 1:21 ).
John Hambleton used to say , “ There are just five letters to our English word Jesus and they mean just this : Jesus Exactly Suits Us Sinners .”
We are poor , lost , guilty men and women ; but He is the Holy One , God ’ s blessed Son ; and He went to Calvary ’ s cross and died for us , bearing our sins in His own body on the tree . Now God says , “ Will you receive My Son ? Will you trust Him ? Will you believe on His name ?”
If you will , He will save your precious soul and will give you the right to call yourself a child of God . No one has that right unless he is born again . Peter says ,
“ Being born again , not of cor - ruptible seed , but of incorruptible , by the word of God , which liveth and abideth for ever .”
“… And this is the word which by the gospel is preached unto you .”— I Pet . 1:23 , 25 .
What is it , then , that you need to believe in order to be saved ? “ Re - pent ye , and believe the gospel ” ( Mark 1:16 ). What is the Gospel ? It is God ’ s “ good news ” about His

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Dr . Richard L . Wallace , Sr . Founder / Pastor blessed Son . He tells us that
“… Christ died for our sins ac - cording to the scriptures ;
“ And that he was buried , and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures .”— I Cor . 15:3 , 4 .
“ That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus , and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead , thou shalt be saved .
“ For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness ; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation .”— Rom . 10:9 , 10 .
The sinner who addresses you was once hurrying down in his sins to a lost eternity ; but when Jesus called , he came to Him and put his trust in Him and Jesus Christ saved his soul forty years ago .
Jesus is waiting now to save you . There is no reason why you should go on longer without settling this vital matter . When I write to you about being saved by believing , I do not mean that you are simply to credit the gospel story in an intellectual kind of way and go right on in the same life .
But if you realize you are a lost sinner and want to be saved from the guilt and power of your sins , I beseech you to yield to His entreaty and put your trust in the One who died for you . God will work the miracle of regeneration in your soul and you will know that you are born again .
“ Which were born , not of blood , nor of the will of the flesh , nor of the will of man , but of God .”
Dr . Johnny Pope
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Receive Christ Today
You have read the sermon by Dr . H . A . Ironside “ How to Become a Child of God .” The Bible does not leave us in the dark . The Scripture plainly says , “ But as many as re - ceived him , to them gave he power to become the sons of God , even to them that believe on his name .”
One becomes a son of God by receiving Christ , by believing on His name . To receive Christ and to believe on Christ are one and the same thing . We receive Him by believing on Him .
The word believe means “ to trust , to depend on , to rely on .” It simply means that we realize we cannot save ourselves , that Jesus Christ is the only hope of our salvation ; and we fully trust Him to take us to Heaven .
If you will trust Him today , you may be sure that you are a son of God . This is a clear promise of the Scripture . Will you call upon Him now ? From your heart say this prayer sincerely and with a re - pentant spirit .
Dear God , I ’ m a sinner headed for Hell , and I need to be saved . I cannot save myself , but I know You can do it for me . I do believe that Jesus in His death , burial and resurrection paid my sin debt and purchased salvation for me . I believe it , and right now I submit myself in full trust to Him . Please , God , forgive my sin and save me . In Jesus ’ name I pray . Amen .
If you have at this moment turned to Christ in faith and received Him as Saviour , would you fill out the decision form and mail it to me so that I can pray for your success in your new Christian life ?
Decision Form
Dr . Shelton Smith Sword of the Lord P . O . Box 1099 Murfreesboro , TN 37133-1099 editorial @ swordofthelord . com
Dear Dr . Smith :
I have read the sermon by Dr . Ironside “ How to Become a Child of God .” I do want to become a child of God . Realizing that I am a sinner and believing that Jesus Christ died , was buried and arose from the grave for me , I here and now trust Him as my Saviour . I am fully depending on Jesus Christ and Him alone to take me to Heaven when I die .
Please pray for me as I begin my Christian life . Thank you .
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