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Parable / Allegory
18 SWORD OF THE LORD November 19 , 2021
An allegory is defined as “ a story in which people , things , and happenings have a hidden or symbolic meaning and are used for teaching or explaining ideas or moral principles .”
A parable is similarly defined , but it is also “ for the purpose of conveying truth in a less offensive or more engaging form than that of direct assertion .”
The Lord sent Nathan unto David to reprove him for his sin of mur - dering Uriah and taking his wife Bathsheba for himself . Nathan told David an allegory , or parable , about a man that did his neighbor wrong . Upon hearing this story David ’ s anger was greatly kindled and he demanded that the man who had done such a thing should die .
It was at this point that Nathan said , “ Thou art the man ” ( II Sam . 12:1 – 7 ). The power of the parable completely overwhelmed David and he besought the Lord .
Our Lord used parables many

Parable / Allegory

times to convey powerful truths . One of my Bible dictionaries lists eleven parables in the Old Testa - ment and thirty parables of Jesus in the New Testament . Jesus ’ disci - ples seemed seldom to understand His parables and had to ask Him to explain them .
After Jesus told the parable of the sower and the four soils , his disciples said , “ Why speakest thou unto them in parables ? He [ Jesus ] answered and said unto them , Be - cause it is given unto you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven , but to them it is not given ” ( Matt . 13:3 – 11 ).
Jesus then explained the parable , which is just as relevant today as it was when He first told the story . Millions today hear and see the truth about Jesus , but it falls on deaf ears and blind eyes . He told His disciples , “ For this people ’ s heart is waxed gross , and their ears are dull of hearing , and their eyes they have closed ; lest at any time they should see with their eyes , and hear with their ears , and should understand with their heart , and should be converted , and I should heal them ” ( vs . 15 ).
One of my favorite gospel songs is written in allegorical form . For the spiritual Christian , “ Ship Ahoy !” is full of biblical truth , while the unsaved sinner may not recognize half of what is said in this old testimony song by M . J . Cartwright .
The song depicts a lost sinner on his journey through a life that will terminate in the lake of fire . But as the Prodigal Son in Luke 15 that “ came to himself ” ( realized his need ) and said , “ I will arise and go to my father ” ( representing God the Father ), so the sinner in the song comes to Christ seeking the forgiveness which he receives .
In the hymn , the sinner is de - picted as drifting on life ’ s pitiless sea , headed for ruin ( Hell ). But instead , he calls out to a “ stately old vessel ” that has a Captain ( Jesus ) with a “ kind ear .” Have you called out to the kind ear of Jesus Christ that is ready to hear and save your soul ?
Psalm 107 describes men crying unto the Lord in their trouble on a storm-tossed sea , even as the sailors with Jonah cried out to God for help as the storm raged . If your life is like a shipwreck , why not call out to Jesus for help ?
In the hymn , the Good Captain ( Jesus ) commanded a boat to be lowered to rescue a sinking sinner .
Sleet was falling and it was slushy underfoot . People hurried homeward with their coat collars up , hardly glancing at the others who passed by .
A young man with a heavy satchel in one hand and a huge suitcase in the other was slipping and sliding as he rushed toward Grand Central Station . Suddenly a hand reached out and took one of his bags , and a pleasant voice said , “ Let me have that , Brother . In this bad weather , it ’ s hard to carry so much !”
At first the man was reluctant , but the smile of his would-be friend put him at ease . Soon they were walking together , chatting like two old buddies .
Years later , Booker T . Washington said , “ That kindly deed was my intro - duction to Theodore Roosevelt .”
Just as Noah ’ s ark represented salvation to all that were inside , so all that come into the Great Shep - herd ’ s fold will be spared from the ruin that awaits all those on the outside ( John 10:1 – 18 ).
In the fourth and final stanza of “ Ship Ahoy ,” we find the new Christian is concerned about the salvation of others out on “ life ’ s pitiless sea .” He implores sinners to “ trust Him today and no longer delay .” This is good advice for any lost soul as we know not what tomorrow may bring . ❚
Will You Go Empty-handed ?
“ And they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament ; and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars for ever and ever .”— Dan . 12:3 .
Will it be your portion to go to Heaven without having brought a single soul into a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ ? Will you have no trophy to lay at His feet to indicate to your Saviour that your life has been well spent in His service ?
It is a terrible thing to stand before God naked , bereft of any - thing to show that the building which you have erected upon the foundation of Jesus is other than hay , straw and stubble .
It is not the amount of money nor popularity that counts . It is what you have done for Christ that lasts through eternity . In that long night of testing when your works shall be tried , God will decide whether you enter eternity empty-handed .
Up , ye saints , arouse , be earnest ! Up and work , while yet ’ tis day ; ’ Ere the night of death o ’ ertake you , Strive for souls while yet you may .
— C . C . Luther
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