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Preaching to Five Thousand Atheists
14 SWORD OF THE LORD November 19 , 2021

Preaching to Five Thousand Atheists

In East London during the visit of Moody and Sankey , a hall in the dense working population of that city had been reserved one evening for an address to atheists , skeptics and freethinkers . Brad - laugh , champion of atheism , hearing of this meeting , ordered all clubs he had formed to take possession of the hall . They obeyed , and five thousand men marched in from all directions .
The atheists laughed when Moody asked the men to choose their favorite hymns , for atheists do not sing hymns . Mr . Moody spoke from “ Their rock is not as our Rock , even our enemies them - selves being judges ” ( Deut . 32:31 ). He poured in a broadside of telling incidents from his own experience of the deathbeds of Christians and atheists and let the men be the judges as to who had the best foundation to rest their faith upon . He at tacked them in their most vulnerable points — their hearts of unbelief .
The sermon ended , Mr . Moody announced a hymn and gave op - portunity for all to leave who did not want to stay for the inquiry meeting . Moody was astonished when not one man vacated his seat .
The Fellow Living Beside
Do you know the neighbor who lives in your block ? Do you ever take time for a bit of a talk ? Do you know his troubles , his heartaches , his cares , The battles he ’ s fighting , the burdens he bears ? Do you greet him with joy or pass him right by With a questioning look and a quizzical eye ? Do you bid him “ Good morning ” and “ How do you do ?” Or shrug up as if he was nothing to you ? He may be a chap with a mighty big heart And a welcome that grips , if you just do your part . And I know you ’ ll coax out his sunniest smile If you ’ ll stop with this neighbor and visit awhile . We rush on so fast in these strenuous days ; We ’ re apt to find fault when it ’ s better to praise . We judge a man ’ s worth by the make of his car ; We ’ re anxious to find what his politics are . But somehow it seldom gets under the hide , The fact that the fellow we ’ re living beside Is a fellow like us , with a hankering too For a grip of the hand and a “ How do you do ?” With a heart that responds in a welcome sincere If you ’ ll just stop to fling him a message of cheer . And I know you ’ ll coax out his sunniest smile If you ’ ll stop with this neighbor and visit awhile .
— H . Howard Biggar
After a few words , Mr . Moody asked all who would receive Christ to say , “ I will .”
One person , the leading club man , shouted , “ I won ’ t !”
Moody said : “ Men , you have your champion here in the middle of the hall who said , ‘ I won ’ t .’ I ask every man here who believes that man is right to rise and say , ‘ I won ’ t !’”
None arose .
“ Thank God ,” said Moody . “ Now who ’ ll say , ‘ I will ’?”
The Holy Spirit seemed to have broken loose upon that great crowd and some five hundred men sprang to their feet , saying , “ I will ! I will !” till the whole atmosphere was changed and the battle was won .

To Get , Give

If you want to get , you must first learn to give . To hoard up precious seed corn in the granary will never result in an increase . Money hidden in the mattress will earn no interest . The talent that is not put to use is lost .
Very few people begin the day with the question , “ How much can I give today ?” The most common question is , “ How much can I get today ?”
My friend , you will get “ out of it ” in direct proportion to what you put “ into it .”
One miser , being asked for a donation to a charitable cause , said , “ It is my money , and I got it by not giving it away .”
His friend then asked , “ How much did you begin with ? When you came into the world , you came with nothing , and someday you will leave it with nothing . It is not yours at all ; it is only a loan for which you will be called into account .”
Christian , take notice . God will call you into account not only for how you spent your time and your talents but how you spent your money . More than that , we shall be judged for our lies , when we sing but do not practice :
How inconsistent the sight of a man in church with a five-hundreddollar diamond on his finger , singing lustily , “ Were the whole realm of nature mine , That were a present far too small ,” while all the time he is fumbling through a handful of dollars and quarters to find a nickel for the collection !
— M . R . DeHaan
Noteworthy News
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worship , specifically targeting him as a Christian for distributing Bibles .…
“ This discriminatory law is being used as a weapon to repress those who do not follow Islam in an assault against their fundamental freedoms ,” [ Amna ] Guellali added .…
The U . S . State Department estimates that no more than one in 200 Algerians is Christian . Over 99 percent of the population is Muslim ; the vast majority is Sunni .
— Anugrah Kumar , christianpost . com
Norwegians Dead in Bow-and-Arrow Attack by Islamist
Norway ’ s domestic security agency says a bow-and-arrow attack that killed five people appears to have been an act of terrorism .…
Police said … that the Danish man suspected of the attack is a Muslim convert who was previously flagged as having been radicalized .
“ Attacks on random people in public places are a recurring modus operandi among extremist Islamists carrying out terror in the West ,” the domestic security agency said .
— gopusa . com