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2 SWORD OF THE LORD November 18 , 2022
The Disinformation Industry
The word disinformation just recently found its way into the national conversation . I think I would be correct to say that it is a new addition to most people ’ s vocabulary .
Basically it is a term for false information that is intended to deceive and mislead . In the last few years it has become a commonly employed strategy in the political arena and in the national media .
The deliberate violation of God ’ s ninth commandment ( Exod . 20:16 ) is so common that we are rarely shocked by it . As it is so much the norm , we have come to expect it .
In actuality , disinformation has been a tool of the Devil for a long , long time . Jesus warned us , “ He was a murderer from the beginning , and abode not in the truth , because there is no truth in him . When he speaketh a lie , he speaketh of his own : for he is a liar , and the father of it ” ( John 8:44 ).
In a similar vein the apostle Paul wrote : “ Lest Satan should get an ad - vantage of us : for we are not ignorant of his devices ” ( II Cor . 2:11 ).
And you need not look all that closely in today ’ s religious circles to spot his disinformation every - where .
When salvation is made depen - dent on baptism , the taking of communion , church membership , good works , etc ., it is the Devil ’ s disinformation .
When the Bible is viewed as the works of men rather than the Word
Jesus Christ the same yesterday , and to day , and for ever .
By him therefore let us offer the sacrifice of praise to God continually , that is , the fruit of our lips giving thanks to his name .
Hebrews 13:8 , 15
of God , it is the Devil ’ s disinfor - mation .
When the deity of Christ , His virgin birth and His triumphant resurrection are disputed and denied , it is the Devil ’ s disinfor - mation .
When Darwin ’ s evolution takes the place of God ’ s creation , it is the Devil ’ s disinformation .
When holy living is criticized as legalism , it is the Devil ’ s disinfor - mation .
When a church gets sidetracked from the Lord ’ s Great Commission , whatever substitute they have chos - en , it is the Devil ’ s disinformation .
When bad doctrine takes center stage , it is the Devil ’ s disinformation .
When Christian workers believe programs , talent and charm are a sufficient replacement for the power of God , it is the Devil ’ s disinformation .
When the second coming of Christ is mocked and maligned as though it were science fiction , it is the Devil ’ s disinformation .
And , yes , our world is full of the Devil ’ s disinformation . Therefore , we need to be wise , be warned and be wary .
If the Devil ’ s disinformation is given place in your family , your pulpit , your church , your Christian school or your Christian college , you can only imagine the damage it will do .
The Devil ’ s disinformation leads to deception , disillusionment , de - feat and ultimate destruction . So many have wasted their influence and tarnished their testimony be - cause they buy something the Devil is peddling . Others will spend eternity in Hell because someone fed them theological poison that distorted the salvation message .
So , let ’ s be alert and stand up to whatever disinformation comes roaring down the pike on its way to your house or to your church .
Bundle Up !
When it ’ s cold outside , we say “ bundle up ” to suggest that warm clothes will be needed when you leave the house .
On other occasions we say
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“ bundle up ” when we gather things like sticks and tie them together .
But today when I say “ bundle up ,” I ’ m talking about your getting the Sword of the Lord in a specified quantity . Instead of just a single copy , why don ’ t you get a Sword bundle so you will have copies to give away ?
So many people today , including a lot of Christians , are tuned in to CNN , ABC , NBC , CBS , PBS , MSNBC , etc . Slowly but surely they are being spoon-fed and brainwashed by the liberal talking heads . And , frankly , a lot of good folks don ’ t even know it is happening .
The Sword of the Lord can help change that . Every issue of the paper stands tall against the swelling tide of wrong ideas being pushed .
So why don ’ t you call today and order a bundle of the Sword and get on your way in influencing your family , friends and acquaintances ?
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Three Days of Revival , Vancleave , Mississippi , Ramsay Hills Baptist Church
In late October I was with Pastor Dale Greenwell and the Ramsay Hills Baptist Church for three good days of revival .
The church is located inland just ten minutes north of Biloxi and Ocean Springs in the Vancleave , Mississippi area .
It has been my privilege to preach three revival meetings for them in the past five years . Each time the Lord has blessed and certainly this time was a good time .
Brother Greenwell had prepared well and the folks were ready for the meetings . The spirit of unity in the church was obvious . Their eager ness to hear every message was openly expressed . They re - sponded at each invitation . Their warmth made it easy when I stood to preach . The Lord gave me
December 4 ( Sunday a . m . and p . m .)
University Baptist Church 1375 Fernwood Circle NE Atlanta , Georgia
Dwight Winkley , pastor 404-237-6735
December 11 ( Sunday a . m . and p . m .)
Blessed Hope Baptist Church 9254 North State Road 59 Jasonville , Indiana
Jerry Ross , pastor 812-665-3282
December 18 ( Sunday a . m . and p . m .)
Community Baptist Church 5943 Badon Road Slidell , Louisiana
Dan Carr , Jr ., pastor 981-649-4587
wonderful liberty in each service .
Here again we have a pastor and a church who are solid fundamen - talists , who are steering clear of the cultural trends and standing up to be counted in a sound , scriptural way .
If you live in the Vancleave and Biloxi areas , let me recommend that you find your way to Ramsay Hills Baptist Church for a visit and do it soon .
Year-End Giving
As 2022 winds down , we will be making our way through the special seasons of Thanksgiving and Christ - mas on our way to year ’ s end .
This is a good time for me to review my giving and see if I can do something more before the year is finished . Often giving extra at year ’ s end can have a very positive effect on your taxes . Personally , I want to do all that I can do for the Lord ’ s work . I hope you will join me in this .
Every dollar you give strengthens our hands and enables us to keep speaking loudly and clearly . The voice of the Sword of the Lord is needed now more than ever before . With so much going wrong all across the land , we need to con - tinue to herald the right message . Without fear and without favor the strong scriptural stand needs to be made .
When you stand with us , it enables us . Thank you for being a faithful friend and giving partner with us .
Ponderings With My Pen
When your heroes and role models do not finish well , if you are wise , if you are mature , you will not become bitter ; but you will allow the Lord to tutor you from their failure to insure that you do not fail as they did .
• • •
A pastor has a responsibility not only to “ fill the pulpit ” but also to guard it .
• • •
If you give place or space to a Calvinist , you are allowing him to use his heretical influence on the folks who have trusted you .
• • •
Diotrephes , Demas and Alexan - der the coppersmith may take you through the valley ; but if you will stay close to the Lord through it all ( II Tim . 4:14 – 18 ), He will take you back to the mountain .
• • •
In the 1880s two Englishmen named Westcott and Hort made 9,970 tweaks to the Greek New Testament and it is their tamperedwith Greek text that is the basis for the numerous new “ Bibles ” on the market today .
This and That
Saturday , October 29 : I ’ m at home this weekend and glad for time to catch up on a variety of matters here at the office .
Up just before five o ’ clock , I read my Bible and prayed the first hour . Betty and I sat together and chatted for thirty minutes or so before I headed out to McDonald ’ s . I went through the drive-through
and then to the office .
I finished up some things for this issue of the Sword of the Lord and polished my radio notes . Marlon came in early and we did two radio broadcasts . When my travel schedule gets heavy , as it is at the moment , we have to go the “ extra mile ” to get things done .
We continue to make new friends and get good feedback from our Making a Difference broadcast five days a week . The Fundamental Broadcasting Network and a good number of individual stations carry our broadcast ; additionally , you can access the broadcast any hour of the day or night from anywhere in the world from the Sword of the Lord website ( swordofthelord . com ).
Later in the morning , Dr . Sumner and I went soul winning . I go with him every Saturday that I possibly can . We work well together and we are blessed to see fruit for our labors as we go .
Afterward , Betty brought Subway salads to the office and we enjoyed lunch together . I closed up my office and went to the house around 2:30 p . m . Betty had baked catfish for our evening meal which we enjoyed very much . In the evening we watched a couple hours of the World Series .
That ’ s Saturday and tomorrow is Sunday . Amen !
Thanks Much !
Sometimes I use the long form and say ,“ Thank you so very much ”; but very often I shorten it and simply say , “ Thanks much .” Either way you say it , if you are like me , you have lots of reasons to say it .
As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday season here in America , many of us take special note and express our gratitude . It is com - mendable that we have such a national celebration , but it should also be a full part of our day every day all year long .
To the Lord I will say “ thanks ” really often . For life and all the daily blessings , I owe Him “ much .” And then there is our everlasting life that He has arranged and pro - vided for us . Let ’ s not get careless on this . We are indebted to the Lord and grateful we must be .
To my family I also say “ thanks much .” The Lord has blessed in our love for one another and our labors together . We are blessed much and we are grateful .
To our friends everywhere I also want to say “ thanks much .” So much of the work and ministry of the Sword of the Lord that reaches around the globe would not get done — in fact , it could not be done — except for the friendship and partnership of our friends .
When you stand with us , we stand taller . When you support the work , it keeps us going strong . So with heartfelt gratitude , here at Thanksgiving and all year long , I say to our dear friends , “ Thanks much .”
• • •
From the Smiths and all of our Sword team , we send our greetings and best wishes to you for a very blessed and happy Thanksgiving season .
God bless you . Stay safe . And do stay in touch .