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ActorswhoServverdO nD-Day D avid N iven: T he British actor was a Lt. Colonel of the British Commandos. H e also worked in the intelligence branch and was later assigned to the U .S. First Infantry. N iven was one of the first officers to land at N ormandy. A lec Guinness: T he British actor operated a British Royal N avy landing craft on D-Day. Rober t M ontgom ery: American actor M ontgomery enlisted in World War II before the U nited States entered the war. M ontgomery became a PT boat Lt. Commander and was part of the D-Day invasion on board the destroyer, U SS Barton (DD-722). Charles D ur ning: American actor Durning served in the U nited States Army. H e was in one of the first waves to land on O maha Beach during the D-Day invasion. Durning was the only soldier in his company to survive Jam es D oohan: Canadian actor Doohan served in the Canadian Army. Doohan was in the Juno Beach invasion on D-Day. During the invasion, Doohan was shot in the leg, chest and lost his right middle finger.