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These are but a few of War Correspondents who bravely covered D- Day in words and photos. Compl ete Broadcast Day June 6,1944 D oon Cam pbell Seventy years ago, Reuters correspondent Doon Campbell was the first reporter to set foot on the N ormandy beaches with the sea-borne forces seeking to liberate Europe from N azi Germany.Campbell was 24 at the time, the youngest British war correspondent covering the invasion. H e stayed with Reuters for 30 years, covering other events including the assassination of Gandhi. H e died in 2003, aged 83. Roger Greene a few days after the June 6, 1944, D-Day landing in France. Greene was the first seaborned war correspondent to land on the beach of N ormandy in the D-Day invasion. Robin D uff M ar tha Gellhor n World War I I D - D ay I nvasion radio new s broadcast W illiam Walton parachuted into France with the 82nd Airborne Division on D-Day reporting for T IM E. Rober t Capa Rober t Capa was with the soldiers of the 16th Regiment of the 1st Infantry Division landed at O maha Beach on June 6, 1944, photographer Robert Capa, in the employ of LI FE magazine, was among them. H e is credited with iconic photo of O maha beach. Robin D uff, BBC War Correspondent assigned to the U .S Forces. U sing a specially developed midget recorders for front-line reporting. Roger Greene D oon Cam pbell W illiam Walton