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G oldBeach O wing to the direction of the tides, British troops began storming Gold, the middle of the five D-Day beaches, nearly an hour after fighting got underway at U tah and O maha. T he Germans initially put up robust resistance, but in sharp contrast to O maha, an earlier aerial bombardment had wiped out much of their defenses. British warships also proved effective. T he cruiser H M S Ajax, for example, displayed such pinpoint accuracy from miles away that it apparently sent one shell through a small slot in a German artillery battery?s concrete exterior? the military equivalent of a hole-in-one. O n shore, meanwhile, armored vehicles known as ?Funnies? cleared away minefields and other obstacles. W ithin an hour, the British had secured a few beach exits, and from there they rapidly pushed inland. T hey also captured the fishing village of Arromanches, which days later became the site of an artificial harbor used by the Allies to unload supplies.