nosh magazine (issue 3) - Page 7

4. Drink juice and you won’t feel as full. Drinking just isn’t as satisfying as eating the same amount of kilojoules (calories) in food. It’s called ‘liquid calories’ and there’s mounting evidence4,5,6 to connect them to the obesity epidemic. Put simply, fluids pass into our bodies more rapidly than food. A 2013 study7 reported that while some fruits were protective (apples and berries), drinking fruit (in the form of juice) actually increased the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. 5. At anywhere from 6 to 14 per cent sugars, juice has as much sugar as classic fizzy drinks and cordials. Even those labelled “100% fruit juice” still have 11 per cent fructose (natural fruit sugar) and water. Think of them as drinks with all the sugar but none of the fibre. Vegetable-fruit combos have fewer sugars (e.g., orange juice wit