Norwex Personalised Product Recommendation

A step-by-step guide to achieving healthy skin

Nurturing your skin ’ s natural moisture barrier and microbiome with cleaner , safer and better skincare solution .
Get to know your skin type
To begin , we need know what is your skin type . This assessment will help you understand your skin type by observing your skin after cleansing .
How to assess your skin type ?


Wash your face with water and
microfiber only .


Then gently pat it dry , sit back and
relax for 30 minutes .


Notice your skin conditions and
identify your skin conditions with
the icons here :


Oiliness Shiny , coarse , thick , dull skin , often with large pores .


Dry Very fine lines , flaky , crepey appearance with dry patches .


Normal Skin feels hydrated , comfortable and not oily .
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