Northwest Aerospace News — Special Resource Guide December | January — Issue No. 18 | Page 40



By Amandine Crabtree ; Washington State Department of Commerce
These days , everyone talks about “ pivoting ,” “ diversifying ” or “ not putting all your eggs in one basket .” At Commerce , we have these same conversations with our clients and the Small Business Export Assistance ( SBEA ) team has been working closely with small and medium businesses to connect them with buyers overseas so that they are better equipped for the future .
I have already shared with you about our presence in Europe , where we have been represented for years by TFDI , an international business development consultant . But our team is also working with representatives in other parts of the world , such as Japan , South Korea and Taiwan . In the past few months , we have also been expanding our reach to other markets , including Latin America , the Middle East and Canada .
Amandine Crabtree Aerospace International Trade Specialist
Washington State Department of Commerce https :// www . commerce . wa . gov
Why Canada ? There are indeed many similarities between our neighbor to the north and our country . But there are many differences to take into consideration when you are exploring the market for business opportunities , and sometimes we overlook them . Or sometimes we look for opportunities in faraway places when they are just lying right before our eyes .
With this in mind , we have collaborated with CIDEP , a company specializing in economic development services , international trade and foreign direct investment . Their experts are now assisting Washington companies in spreading their wings into Canada to convert identified prospects into sales .