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A Love of Aerospace

Kelly Maloney , as told to Maddie te Winkel

When Kelly Maloney was a 20-something back in the 1990s , she had a love of shoulder pads , big hair , and broadcast journalism — only one of which is still around today . And although the news is still very much “ in fashion ,” she didn ’ t end up the journalist she had dreamed of being . Instead , she took her love of communications to the marketing sector , an area where she could see the impact effective communication has on business . This prompted a lifelong career in branding and marketing , leading to her current role as owner and CEO of OLI Communications ( pronounced aa · lee ), a strategic marketing , branding , and operations firm based in Washington State .

Maddie te Winkel , MIT
OLI — Former Educator https :// www . olicomms . com
OLI specializes in aerospace ( including aviation , space and a multitude of other related sectors ), an industry Kelly cares deeply about . For Kelly , aerospace is personal . It ’ s an industry that helped build the state she calls home . It ’ s an industry that her husband , Jay Maloney , president and CFO of OLI , dedicated his entire career to . It ’ s an industry that helped build their family .