Northwest Aerospace News June | July Issue No. 3 | Page 58

Childhood Dreams By Dean Camercon G rowing up, I was the kid who built model airplanes with stinky, messy glue and all the plastic parts you had to twist off the injection mold web. I loved building them. I had WWII planes and modern planes alike and I hung them from my ceiling with fishing line. It was kind of like a “Twilight Zone” dogfight with an F-111 bearing down on a P-51 and other non-realistic anomalies. I really had a passion for aircraft back then. Little did I understand then how that interest would man- ifest by becoming my career and how my manufacturing background would lead me back into the aerospace realm. I became involved with countless commercial aircraft interior projects and met with aerospace companies all over the US and beyond. My professional career re-established my passion for aerospace and all its nuances. 58 NORTHWEST AEROSPACE NEWS Turn the page, after 27 years, and now I am the CEO and publisher of Northwest Aerospace News Magazine. It is an honor to meet and learn from so many incredible people and creative companies. I can honestly say that getting up to go to work is a pleasure filled with surprises I never imagined. One such surprise took place in early April of this year. As a member of the Aerospace Media Community we were in- vited to take a “Media Flight” on the Madras Maiden B-17. It took me about one second to say an emphatic “YES!” My inner child was excited beyond imagination to partici- pate in this adventure. Flying in a WWII B-17 was some- thing I could not have ever imagined having the opportunity to do.