Northwest Aerospace News June | July 2022 — Issue No. 27 - Page 34

Scott Schute ( GM – ABW ) inside new Cold Spray Additive Manufacturing work cell .

In financial investing , having a diversified portfolio may mean less risk for the investor . Diversifying your customer portfolio across various industries may have a similar effect in the manufacturing world . ABW Technologies ( ABW ) and their subsidiary company , Puget Sound Coatings ( PSC ), is an aerospace manufacturing hub in Arlington and Seattle , Washington .

They determined some time ago to also conduct work across various industries . While they love their aerospace work , making large format tooling equipment for the manufacture of commercial aircraft , they also do work in space , oil and gas , nuclear , defense and energy industries .
They categorize themselves as a fabrication shop and conduct steelwork , welding , and according to ABW Technologies President Eric Anderson , “ everything required to make products for engineering firms . We build a lot of their large platforms and assembly equipment for Boeing — all steel processing , welding , forming , bending , machining , assembly , coatings and engineering / design . Lots of systems integration . It ’ s not just metal work ; we work with hydraulics , pneumatics , and electrical components that are typically associated with various aerospace tooling .”
In the aerospace industry , most of the products revolve around the aircraft ’ s assembly line . “ Mechanical equipment and ground support equipment , portable and mechanical equipment and mechanical transportation equipment ,” Anderson said . He said they build the equipment that helps Boeing technicians work on the factory ’ s aircraft .
In addition to working with Boeing , they are involved with several other industries . Anderson said , “ The benefit of diversity has never been as apparent as over the last few years . We are ( in ) aerospace , nuclear , defense , gas — we have hundreds of customers , which is unique . Many competitors depend exclusively on Boeing . But we can pivot when Boeing production is slow .”
ABW Machinist working on Dual Spindle lathe with Live Tooling and Bar Feeder