Northwest Aerospace News June | July 2022 — Issue No. 27 - Page 18

JUNE | JULY 2022
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Renton site celebrates 80 years of historical milestones

In April 1942 , just a few months after the U . S . entered World War II , Boeing ’ s site in Renton , Washington opened its doors for the first time .

The first employees were tasked with building the U . S . Navy ’ s long-range patrol bomber — the Sea Ranger — but also laid the foundation for the next 80 years of historical milestones that would define both the company and the aerospace industry .
Ed Clark Watch U . S . Fly www . watchusfly . com
Ed Clark is vice president and general manager for the 737 program and Renton site at The Boeing Company .
Initially built by the Navy , the Renton site was transferred to the U . S . Army Air Force in 1942 when the Sea Ranger program was cancelled . Under Army ownership , Boeing used the site to build more than 1,000 B-29 Superfortress bombers .
“ At the time , the Renton site was arguably one of the most important buildings in the United States ,” said Mike Lombardi , Boeing ’ s chief historian .
B-29 production began in 1943 and by the following year , the site was producing five per day , with a peak production of 160 B-29s in July 1945 .
“ The production system that Boeing designed for the B-29 was one of the most advanced in the world at the time ,” Lombardi explained . “ Their incredible production rate wouldn ’ t have been possible without it .”