Northwest Aerospace News June | July 2022 — Issue No. 27 - Page 16

Bringing passion to space travel
Commercial and Government Partnerships

Sherwood said , “ Arizona State University ( ASU ) is leading a global consortium of universities with expertise in space and microgravity research . Collectively , this group will focus on academic community needs , stimulate research , advise novice researchers , evolving standards of conduct , and lead STEM outreach .”

There will be opportunities for foundations or consortiums to pool money to lease equipment and space on Orbital Reef .

Bringing passion to space travel

Randy Lillard , Orbital Reef program director , works within Blue Origin ’ s ADP business unit , and Orbital Reef is within the ADP unit . He started with the company in May 2021 and works from the Renton office . However , he said he also spends time in Denver , Cape Canaveral , and Huntsville .
Lillard said that one must believe in the mission , and it is a passion for him . He said , “ I joined Blue Origin to be part of the vision of putting millions of people in space for the benefit of Earth . I enjoy working with leadership and a team who is singularly aligned on this mission . I wanted to be part of this fastpaced environment , causing movement and adding value to this important mission .”

Commercial and Government Partnerships

Partnerships and teaming agreements make the work on Orbital Reef possible .
Blue Origin Sierra Space Boeing Redwire Genesis Engineering
Amazon Distributions & Fulfillment Services
Amazon Web Services Arizona State University ( ASU )
Lillard said , “ This is my passion .”