Northwest Aerospace News June | July 2022 — Issue No. 27 | Page 56

Northwest Readers SHARE A STORY

Northwest Readers SHARE A STORY

Leading the Charge in Digital Transformation in Aerospace

By Mark Schulz
Mark Schulz Find me on the Internet @ # DigitalAircraft linkedin . com / in / marksschulz mark @ digitalaircraft . com + 1 904.544.2989

I would define myself by my life purpose : help others . This is the greatest driving force in my life . I have now been married to my spouse Susan Schulz for 34 years . Together we work to make a difference in the world . This starts with our family , made up of four boys and one girl . It is our goal to help them be all they were meant to be in life . This caring drive comes from the desire to help others , passed down from my mother and her legacy of spiritual convictions .

My mother had a heart for helping others . She was active in the community , served at her church , fostered children in the home and sponsored 12 families to relocate to the USA during the Vietnam War era . She housed them , helped them understand the culture in the USA , and helped them to get jobs or start businesses .