Northwest Aerospace News June | July 2022 — Issue No. 27 | Page 39

Our robotically mounted cold spray ( CS ) system is in a large envelope work cell . The system is used for coating , repair , or additive manufacturing of components such as orthogrids , shafts , combustion chambers , hybrid-heatsinks , and pump housing ,” Schute said .
Stainless steel weldments being package for shipment . Nuclear Waste Handling Equipment destined for Hanford , WA
The company is excited about cold spray technology , Anderson added , “ This allows for some very unique repair processes that will help our customers save a lot of money when compared to the cost of replacing expensive wear parts . For example : repairing machined components , landing gear struts , rotors , shafts , large castings , etc .”
Wiehle added that while industrial coatings have been around a long time , there are still innovations . He said that a new one for PSC is 100 percent solid coatings like epoxies or polyureas . He said that they are getting rid of solvents with those applications , so it is safer for the environment .
East end of fabrication Bay 2 . Large overhead lifting capacity of 70 tons .
Anderson said that despite the pandemic , they see future opportunities for our region , “ With the pandemic lessening its grip on some of these industries and people returning to work and travel increasing , we hope to see aerospace and oil / gas rebound in the coming years . Pent-up demand in manufacturing caused by the pandemic should lead to an increase in work for many .”
In summary , ABW and PSC offer extensive facilities with the capacity to do a diversity of work in various industries . They are progressively moving ahead with new technologies and are two businesses to watch in the Northwest .
For more information : ABW Technologies , Inc .
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Stainless Steel Sub-Arc Welding
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