Northwest Aerospace News June | July 2019 Issue No. 9 - Page 60

AEROSPACE Fiona McKay Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance Deputy Executive Director PNAA SPOTLIGHT Vendors: Smart Networking in the Global Aerospace Cluster By Fiona McKay, Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance, Deputy Executive Director W hen your company is serving a global supply chain building 38,000 aircraft within the next decade, collaboratively working with a very complex group of companies is paramount. Everyone has their close contacts, but when under pressure or unusual circumstances call for special effort, additional help is often required. The Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance (PNAA) community knows this all too well and proactively drives collaboration through relationships. The community has grown to include stakeholders from across the globe and with this brings the challenge of overcoming geography and time zones. Knowledge and relationships enabled through technology are key to resolving this and hence PNAA is proud to welcome Aerospace Vendors, whose vast knowledge of manufacturing and technology are connecting companies across the globe to their membership. 60 NORTHWEST AEROSPACE NEWS