Northwest Aerospace News — Issue No. 29 October | November 2022 | Page 48

Innovation in Aerospace Manufacturing

By Dale King , Cluster Director — Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance

Innovation is a team sport . At least , that ’ s the theory that is being tested in Washington thanks to a new program that is designed to accelerate the development of industry sectors across the state . Naturally , because of their leadership in aerospace manufacturing , the Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance ( PNAA ) is now working to supercharge its sector for innovation .

Dale King Cluster Director Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance http :// pnaa . net
“ We have a rich history of innovation in this region when it comes to aerospace manufacturing , and for over 21 years PNAA has been connecting and collaborating with the global aerospace industry through our events ,” said Nikki Malcom , CEO and executive director of PNAA . “ This has allowed us to build a network of members and partners that can come together to tackle the tough challenges we are facing and create new opportunities for innovation and growth for this region .”
Through the Innovation Cluster Development Program ( ICAP — www . ICAPWashington- State . com ), Washington Commerce helps promising industry sectors assemble the ingredients they need to grow and “ that build trust and develop a collaborative culture of ‘ co-opetition ,’” said Stephanie Scott , the department ’ s director . “ We ’ re bringing together competitors and industry ecosystem partners to work together to solve industry-level challenges , accelerate innovation , and capture global market opportunities .”
The Governor ’ s Sector Lead and Director of Aerospace in the Washington State Department of Commerce , Robin Toth , said , “ PNAA was one of the first industry associations to embrace the idea of positioning Washington ’ s century of aviation history , technological expertise and global excellence in workforce development as the world ’ s leading aerospace cluster .”