Northwest Aerospace News — Issue No. 28 August | September 2022 | Page 42

Northwest Defense Innovations

Pacific Northwest Defense Coalition works with members to bring innovation to the defense aerospace market
By Jennifer Ferrero — For the Pacific Northwest Defense Coalition

Since 2005 the Pacific Northwest Defense Coalition has been a coalescing force bringing companies together to support their growth in the defense supply chain . Today , over 300 companies in the Pacific Northwest benefit from PNDC ’ s focus on regional collaboration and driving innovation in support of market needs . The PNDC serves as a gateway for businesses to innovate and meet the cutting edge demands of defense technology and Department of Defense ( DOD ) initiatives .

Denise Ryser
EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Email : denise @ pndc . us
Contact Information
Pacific Northwest Defense Coalition ( PNDC ) www . pndc . us Toll free : 1-888-701-PNDC info @ pndc . us
Mike Brown , a former Silicon Valley CEO and now director of the Defense Innovation Unit ( DIU ) at the U . S . Department of Defense , shared why innovation is important . “ We ’ re losing that [ technological ] edge and we ’ re losing it at a rapid rate . And I think if we look at what is required to keep that edge , it ’ s going to be a recommitment to science and technology in this country . We must reimagine these roadblocks in our way , these obstacles … you ’ re not going to be able to do that if you maintain requirements . It ’ s about modularity , open interoperability , open standards ... that requires a rethink .”
Denise Ryser , market development director of the PNDC , said that innovation means problem-solving for the DOD . PNDC is a membership trade association for those in the Pacific Northwest defense and security industry businesses , according to their website , www . pndc . us . She added that working with members to create advancements for better efficiencies , sustainability , and safety for end-users is essential . The Northwest is known for bringing advancements into several areas including autonomous solutions , cyber warfare , and stealth technologies .
Ryser said , “ There are opportunities to work with every branch of the DOD and Homeland Security , which includes , but is not limited to , the Army , Navy , Air Force , Marines , Coast Guard , Space Force , and the National Guard . The Departments of Defense and Homeland Security are also looking for innovation in energy , climate , and other non-traditional ‘ defense ’ departments —