Northwest Aerospace News December 2018 | January 2019 Issue No. 6 | Page 2

Why Quest? We are: Invesng in Your Community We invest in a homegrown, technically adept workforce. Our QUEST FOR SUC- CESS ini‹a‹ve provides solu‹ons for hundreds of STEM programs. Partnering with Quest builds the founda‹on for a successful manufacturing community. Comming to Compeve Manufacturing We provide best in class design and manufacturing solu‹ons, then work with our clients to ensure integra‹on and proficiency in the investment. Work with Quest to generate faster ROI on investments. Passionate about Service Our support is why we have 90 percent client reten‹on from thousands of clients in the region. It’s why we are the only remaining locally owned SOLIDWORKS VAR in the Pacific Northwest. Pu–ng Quest to work for you gives your team valuable exper‹se as you need it. Looking for a long-term partner that can help you maximize your investment in tools and talent? Get to know us! 800-370-3750 QINTEGRATION.COM 2 David Minerath President NORTHWEST AEROSPACE NEWS