Northwest Aerospace News August | September 2020 | Page 61

PACIFIC NORTHWEST AEROSPACE ALLIANCE SPOTLIGHT This shifted their maintenance, repair and operating supplies (MRO) focus to specialized military. Today, coming full-circle — back to Boeing craft such as the 757s — Cascade Aerospace is transitioning to doing more and more commercial work. With the expertise gained from their Conair days, they are now working with Viking Air, (which acquired Bombardier in 2018), converting Bombardier water bombers with updated engines, propellers and avionics. They are expanding their work with other aviation partners, and marketing to other countries. Just south of the Canadian border — but only a stone’s throw away from Cascade Aerospace — Sumas, Washington is home to the high voltage TNT Aerospace Manufacturing. This CNC machine shop supplies prototype and production quantities to aircraft, oil and gas, medical, and the Department of Defense industries. Owners Aaron and Adam Thiessen founded TNT Aerospace in 2007, building on family-owned property their current 5300-square-foot facility in 2015. The Haas VF-4SS is a busy machine in their shop, with its versatility using materials like titanium, copper, and brass. The ability to turn parts has increased that portion of their business significantly. BUILDING THE FUTURE 75 Years of Ingenuity, Quality, and a Commitment to Excellence (800) 244 - 4110 Parts - Assemblies - Tooling - Prototyping AUGUST | SEPTEMBER 2020 ISSUE NO. 16 61