Northwest Aerospace News April | May Issue No.20 | Page 10

The SSO-A Launch

Upon touring the Tesla battery factory outside of Reno , Nevada , they will tell you that they are an energy company , not just a car or space company . While most think of Tesla and SpaceX as the ultimate innovators , at the end of the day , they deal in re-usable and sustainable energy products . Now , here in Washington State , we have a similar advantage in the aviation industry with both magniX and Eviation , who are in the business of electric propulsion and commuter aircraft in the aerospace industry . They are creating safe , sustainable aircraft and electric motor systems that offer zero emissions , in flights that can transport people shorter distances at a significant cost savings .

Both companies are innovators in the aerospace industry with magniX touting ,
“ The future of flight is electric — magniX has developed a family of electric propulsion systems for commercial aviation . Used either in a single motor application or as part of a multi-motor aircraft , magniX technology offers the highest levels of redundancy and reliability ,” according to their website , http :// www . magnix . aero . Started in Australia , magniX is now located in Everett , Washington .
And Eviation , started in Israel , is now housed near magniX at the Arlington , Washington airport . Eviation is creating Alice , “ the world ’ s first all-electric commuter aircraft , built to make air travel more affordable .”