North Texas Dentistry Volume 9 Issue 4 2019 ISSUE 4 DE | Page 3

ON THE COVER Working at the Leading Edge of Periodontal Regeneration Dr. Daniel M. Stewart by Tina Cauller 5 12 14 6 ON THE COVER: Dr. Daniel M. Stewart 16 19 20 TEXAS A&M COLLEGE OF DENTISTRY Digging His Discovery Findings point to evidence of skull shaping PRACTICE MANAGEMENT Avoiding the September Slump Tips to help your practice avoid slow times LABORATORY NEWS Five Reasons to Choose a Digital Laboratory Partner Advance technology improves efficiency and outcomes PRACTICE LEADERSHIP If I Don’t Lead, Then What? Exploring major stress producers in the dental practice TEAM TALENT Laureli Hattaway, Indian Creek Dental A Deaf-friendly practice FRAUD ALERT Thrive Safely - Watch Out for Fraud! Examining your practice’s vulnerability | NORTH TEXAS DENTISTRY 3