North Texas Dentistry Volume 9 Issue 3 2019 ISSUE 3 DE - Page 8

On the trip to Guatemala, Dr. McNeill and Dr. Briggs shared their vision on how they might create a practice that would benefit them both per- sonally and professionally, while optimizing patient care and helping their referring offices. shared values and professional vision. Dr. McNeill notes, “Watching someone work under less-than-ideal circumstances is informative and enlightening. I could see that Dr. Briggs has a servant heart and a natural gift when interacting with patients. We also worked well together. Meeting everyday challenges is easy with the right people on the team, and I could tell from our time there that Dr. Briggs would be a great asset to our practice.” Dr. Briggs adds, “I could see from his interactions with the local people, both in the clinic and outside the clinic, how caring and compassionate Dr. McNeill is. He is very approachable and he was a great mentor to the students we worked alongside. In the clinic, I found the team experience to be really satisfying. I enjoy working collaboratively and having a chance to learn from other professionals.” Besides being ideal for the specialists in the group ― an oral sur- geon, pediatric dentist, orthodontist, endodontists, and peri- odontist ― this collaborative practice model has important practical advantages for patients. For example, a patient may be referred for a root canal, but on examination, an irreparable fracture is discovered. The surgeon can extract the tooth and replace it with an implant ― all in one convenient location ― before returning to the referring office for restoration. On reflection, Dr. Briggs describes an unexpected insight she gained during the visit to San Raimundo. “I was surprised how much I needed the trip. From the outset, I knew I wanted to give my time to help underserved patients, but I didn’t anticipate how much I would benefit from what I learned about myself. For me personally, working at the clinic was a breath of fresh air. At home, it’s so easy to be caught up in all the ancillary activ- ities of dentistry – documenting, photographing, coding, billing, managing, meeting expectations – the things that keep you busy, but don’t necessarily have to do with direct patient care. In San Raimundo, I had a chance to return to the things that drew me to dentistry in the first place. Watching grateful patients leave with a big smile was immeasurably rewarding.” Dr. McNeill agreed, saying, “Life gets really busy and you can easily get too wrapped up in that busyness. This trip was a great way to reset, and to reaffirm my professional values and mis- sion. We plan to take the renewed sense of purpose we experi- enced after the trip into our practice and we are really excited at the prospect of working side by side with our group members to provide the best possible patient care.” The Dental Specialists is located at 4880 N. President Bush Hwy, Suite 101 in Garland, Texas. To learn more, call (972) 272-8571 or visit  The two doctors share the same goals for their professional careers. They agreed that they enjoy collaborating with col- leagues rather than competing with them and are deeply com- mitted to ensuring that their work is more than just a job. “I spend a substantial amount of my time at work and I want to create an intentional professional life that is fulfilling,” notes Dr. Briggs. “We have the same priorities ― we want to focus on doing what we do best and to make decisions based on what’s best for our patients.” As it turned out, the seven-day job interview was a success for both Dr. McNeill and Dr. Briggs. Dr. McNeill needed to adjust to the new demands on his time related to his participation on the Board of Dental Examiners, and with such closely aligned values, envisioning a shared practice was easy. “I proposed a model that merged our practices with other specialists in a 8 NORTH TEXAS DENTISTRY | The seven-day job interview was a success for both Dr. McNeill and Dr. Briggs and they look forward to collaborating to provide the best possible patient care. shared space to optimize patient care, create a collaborative environment, and establish a one-stop shop for our referring dentists.”