North Texas Dentistry Volume 9 Issue 3 2019 ISSUE 3 DE - Page 29

room knowledge, hands-on preparation and real-world office experience required to work as a valued dental team member and to gain personal satisfaction in their career.” Jane Evans, Executive Director of DCDS, describes the purpose in opening the school. “Strategic planning uncovered that our 1350 member dentists in Dallas County are urgently seeking dental assistants who know more than just the basics. DCDS Dental Assisting School will fulfill that need, and access to content from the learning center will also be a big benefit to our members.” Ashley Smith View into the sterilization and radiology areas taken from an operatory. Ashley Smith, RDA, CDA is Program Director of the DCDS Den- tal Assisting School. With 15 years of experience as a dental assistant in various dental specialty offices, Ashley is passionate about dental health and loves to inspire others to reach their goals when pursuing a career as a dental healthcare profes- sional. Explains Ashley, “In only twelve weeks and with minimal cost, DCDS Dental Assisting School offers students the class- Program Director DCDS Dental Assisting School More information is available at Ashley can be reached by calling (972) 386-5741 x229 or by email at | NORTH TEXAS DENTISTRY 29