North Texas Dentistry Volume 9 Issue 3 2019 ISSUE 3 DE - Page 24

financial planning Tuning Out the Noise by Jacob King For investors, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by the relentless stream of news about markets eing bombarded with data and headlines presented as impactful to your financial well-being can evoke strong emotional responses from even the most experienced investors. Headlines from the “lost decade” can help illustrate sev- eral periods that may have led market participants to question their approach. B MAY 1999: Dow Jones Industrial Average Closes Above 11,000 for the 1st Time MARCH 2000: Nasdaq Stock Exchange Index Reaches All-Time High of 5,048 APRIL 2000: In Less Than a Month, Nearly $1Trillion of Stock Value Evaporates A financial advisor can provide the expertise, perspective, and encouragement to keep you focused on your destination and in your seat when it matters most. The right financial advisor can play a vital role in helping you tune out the noise and focus on actions that can improve your investment outcome. OCTOBER 2002: Nasdaq Hits a Bear-Market Low of 1,114 SEPTEMBER 2005: Home Prices Post Record Gains SEPTEMBER 2008: Lehman Files for Bankruptcy, Merrill Is Sold While these events are now a decade or more behind us, they can still serve as an important reminder for investors today. When faced with short-term noise, it is easy to lose sight of the potential long-term benefits of staying invested. While no one has a crystal ball, adopting a long-term perspective can help change how investors view market volatility and help them look beyond the headlines. Creating a portfolio investors are comfortable with, understanding that uncertainty is a part of investing, and sticking to a plan may ultimately lead to a better investment experience. However, as with many aspects of life, we can all benefit from a bit of help in reaching our goals. The best athletes in the world work closely with a coach to increase their odds of winning, and many successful professionals rely on the assistance of a mentor or career coach to help them manage the obstacles that arise dur- ing a career. Why? They understand that the wisdom of an expe- rienced professional, combined with the discipline to forge ahead during challenging times, can keep them on the right track. The right financial advisor can play this vital role for an investor. 24 NORTH TEXAS DENTISTRY | Jacob King, CFP ® Advisor and Shareholder (972) 503-1040 Beaird Harris is a Certified Public Accounting and fee-only Wealth Manage- ment Firm dedicated to helping financially established individuals, families, businesses and healthcare professionals navigate complex tax regulations and develop comprehensive wealth management solutions. Beaird Harris offers tax, accounting, business consulting, investment management, financial plan- ning and retirement plan services. Beaird Harris & Co., P.C. is a Certified Public Accounting Firm. Beaird Harris Wealth Management, Inc. is a Registered Investment Advisor with the SEC. Source: Dimensional Fund Advisors LP. Beaird Harris’s marketing material should not be construed by any existing or prospective client as a guarantee that they will experience a certain level of results if they engage the adviser’s services. This announcement is only intended for interested investors residing in states in which the adviser is qualified to provide investment advisory services. Please contact the adviser to find out if the they are qualified to provide investment advisory services in the state where you reside. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. A copy of our current written disclosure statement discussing our advisory services and fees is available upon request. The scope of the services to be provided depends upon the terms of the engagement.