North Texas Dentistry Volume 9 Issue 3 2019 ISSUE 3 DE - Page 23

Which level is appropriate? Here’s some guidance ASTM provides regarding which mask level would be appropriate in different situations. Level 1 (low barrier) ASTM considers this level appropriate for situations including: • • • • • Exams Prepping operatories Taking impressions Laboratory work Orthodontics Level 2 (moderate barrier) ASTM considers this level appropriate for pro- cedures or situations where aerosols and splatter are moderately generated, including: • Prophylaxis • Non-surgical periodontal therapy • Endodontics • Sealants • Restorative • Limited oral surgery Level 3 It may suit an office to have staff work in level-3 masks during ultrasonic instrumentation, discard them after the procedure; and to put on level-1 masks when returning to the operatory to disinfect. In most instances, a level-3 mask costs approximately 20% more than a level-1 mask. We see level-1 masks that cost around 8.5 cents each (at the low end), and around 10.5 cents each for level-3 masks. With the cost difference being relatively small, consider upping your game to a higher level mask where appropriate, if you haven’t already. Lee Slaton is Vice-President of Healthcare with Smart Training, the TDA’s OSHA and HIPAA Compliance partner. Smart Training, a Texas-based company, has been providing OSHA, HIPAA, and Training solutions for over 25 years. They offer the industry’s only written guarantee against OSHA fines, which includes OSHA representation. Slaton’s team of Com- pliance Advisors has inspected hundreds of Texas dental practices, with the mission of helping practices correct deficiencies before they turn into fines totaling thou- sands of dollars. Send email to: We’ll help you keep your oxygen costs from getting out of hand! n n Individualized service stops waste Simple, straightforward pricing (high barrier) ASTM considers this level appropriate for pro- cedures or situations where heavy amounts of fluid, splatter, and aerosols are produced, including: • • • • • • The decision maker needs to choose if he or she wants to pur- chase multiple levels of masks for the office, or stick to the high- est level so the provider is always covered. Ultrasonic scaler is used Air polisher is used Crown preparation Implant placement Periodontal surgery Complex oral surgery PUT TECH AIR ON YOUR TEAM TODAY! FAST & EASY NO FEE TO SWITCH NO 1st TIME SET-UP COSTS NO CONTRACT (214) 930-6691 email: | NORTH TEXAS DENTISTRY 23