North Texas Dentistry Volume 9 Issue 3 2019 ISSUE 3 DE - Page 21

practice. If everyone has a clear understanding of how excellence looks for each member of the team and for the practice as a whole, a clear picture of the values for the practice as well as a more cohesive team unit can emerge. Second, an atmosphere of gratitude and celebration in the office can help promote job satisfaction and team cohesion. So many times, during periods of calm and happiness, we wait for the other shoe to drop. It can be hard to celebrate and be thankful in the moment when always planning for the next item on the to- do list or getting ready for the next patient. During the morning huddle or during down time between patients, team members could express thanks to someone who may have helped during a busy moment in the office. Or the office could make a point to celebrate a milestone, whether it be a person’s birthday or work anniversary or a practice/team goal being accomplished. Taking a few minutes to express thanks or share a celebration can go a long way to making a person feel connected to coworkers as well as to the practice as a whole. Lastly, continuing education can take place among team mem- bers within the practice as well as the formal CEs needed to main- tain a license. Daring leaders and teams strive to focus on learning rather than knowing. With a learner’s outlook, different perspectives can be heard and understood. Not everyone has the same viewpoint or the same personal and professional experi- ence. Staying open to learning about each other can help keep lines of communication open rather than blocked. With a knower’s outlook, discussion can be halted before they even begin, especially if a team member thinks his or her viewpoint will not be valued. And, with a learner’s outlook, there can be a place for contributions to flourish and be celebrated. In conclusion, being a great and daring leader can sound like a tall order. Reaching for excellence (rather than perfectionism), having an atmosphere of gratitude and celebration, and staying curious and learning can go a long way towards having happy team members, a happy practice, and happy patients. Audra Morris joined her mother, Nitia Morris, at Dental Auxiliary Service, Inc. in 2011 and opened an office in Austin in 2012. Dental Auxiliary Service, Inc. has helped dental of- fices in the Dallas area with temporary and permanent staffing needs for over 40 years. Dental Auxiliary Service is also a founding member of the Texas Dental Placement Network, a network of dental staffing agen- cies serving seven metro areas in Texas. Send email to or call (214) 522-2008 for more information. | NORTH TEXAS DENTISTRY 21