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OVB Teletrailer

With the Nooteboom OVB TELETRAILER extendible flatbed semi-trailers any self-supporting long loads , such as concrete and steel structures , can be transported with great efficiency . The hydraulic turntable steering with very large steering angle makes the manoeuvrability of the OVB TELETRAILERS exceptional . Moreover , this hydraulic turntable steering ensures the maintenance costs are very low and tyre wear is kept to a minimum .
Due to the unique central box-section main beam , made of high-grade steel , the chassis of the Nooteboom OVB TELETRAILER is extremely strong with great torsional stiffness and a low dead weight . In unloaded , extended position the chassis is slightly arched ( cambered ) to keep any sagging of the load to a minimum . The finish and conservation are top-quality , the chassis is always fully hot zinc sprayed .
The hydraulic turntable steering of the Nooteboom OVB TELETRAILER sets the trend in the market of extendible flatbed semi-trailers . Not only the manoeuvrability , but also the precision and wear resistance make the Nooteboom steering system extremely reliable . Together with a long service life and high residual value this results in a low Total Cost of Ownership .
The OVB TELETRAILER flatbed extendible semi-trailer is available with , among other things :
• 2 up to 6 axles
• Hydraulic turntable steering
• Gooseneck in 18t or 25t fifth wheel load
• Fixed or single- / double- / triple extendible load floor
• Air suspension or hydropneumatic suspension with raise / lower function
• Technical axle load of 9t / axle , 10t / axle or 12t / axle at 80 km / h
• SAF axles or BPW axles
• Drum brakes or disc brakes
• Tyres 275 / 70R22.5 or 385 / 65R22.5
• Axle distance 1810mm
• Crossrows of stake pockets
• Twistlocks
• Choice of various headboards and storage boxes .
The OVB TELETRAILER ’ s standard equipment includes TÜV-certified lashing eyes and stake pockets .