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OVB Telestep

The Nooteboom OVB TELESTEP extendible semi-trailers are specially designed for the transport of ultra-long loads such as rotor blades , tower sections and steel structures .
The OVB TELESTEP is equipped with a gooseneck and smaller tyres , which results in a load floor height above the tyres of approx . 1.20m , quite a bit lower than on the flatbed OVB TELETRAILER . Nooteboom has designed the OVB TELESTEP in such a way that even loads up to the maximum permitted fifth wheel weight can be positioned right behind the gooseneck instead of on top of it .
The Nooteboom OVB TELESTEP is available with a triple or quadruple extendible load floor . A total load floor length of 55m can be reached when extended . In extended , unloaded position the chassis is slightly arched ( cambered ). This ensures that there is minimal sagging and that sufficient ground clearance remains . The hydraulic turntable steering with extremely large steering angle is ideally suited to handle the fully extended length . The pressure-relief system in the air suspension and an additional landing leg underneath the load floor make it easy to extend / retract these ultra-long load floors .
In addition to the existing models Nooteboom also delivers custom-built versions of the OVB TELESTEP . It is available with more or fewer axles as well as load floors with more or less extension . The OVB TELESTEP can also be equipped with a fixed load floor as BALLASTTRAILER . And always with optimal steering and superior quality . The finish and conservation are of a very high level , the chassis being fully galvanised by means of hot zinc spraying .
The OVB TELESTEP extendible semi-trailer is available with , among other things :
• 3 up to 5 axles
• Hydraulic turntable steering
• Gooseneck in 18t or 25t fifth wheel load
• Triple extendible load floor up to 48m length
• Triple extendible load floor up to 55m length
• Quadruple extendible load floor up to 55m length
• Air suspension with raise / lower function
• Technical axle load of 10t / axle at 80 km / h
• SAF axles or BPW axles
• Tyres 235 / 75R17.5 or 245 / 70R17.5
• Axle distance 1810 mm
The OVB TELESTEP ’ s standard equipment includes TÜV-certified lashing eyes , stake pockets and manual steering .