Nooteboom Documentation English Supertrailer Drawbar Trailer - Page 8

LIGHTING SYSTEM WIDTH MARKER PLATES POSITION LIGHTS The ASDV drawbar semi low-loader is standard If during transport the load protrudes from the sides Available as an option : a back-up battery to operate the equipped with a Hella EasyCon lighting system, with of the vehicle, width marker plates must be used. ramps and to switch on the position lights. The battery is full LED rear lights and integrated triangular deflector. The galvanised telescopic width marker plates are fitted in a lockable box underneath the load floor, with LED inspection lamps are available as an option. maintenance-free and fitted with a retro-reflective the main switch between battery and pump unit and an warning sign and LED lighting. As an option, a additional switch for switching on the lights. This makes flashing beacon can simply be attached on the the detached trailer clearly visible, even at night. flashing beacon stake. 8 ASDV DRAWBAR SEMI-LOWLOADERS