Nooteboom Documentation English Supertrailer Drawbar Trailer - Page 2

QUALITY THAT GETS YOU THERE Nooteboom SUPERTRAILER ASDV drawbar semi low- loaders are simple and effective transport solutions for up to approx. 32 tonnes of payload. They are often used by companies that transport their own equipment (such as earthmoving and construction machinery, containers and building materials) and have their own towing vehicles. A unique feature of the Nooteboom ASDV drawbar semi low-loader is its perfectly flat, continuous load floor, without intersection or gooseneck. Due to the flat and low construction above the front wheels the entire load floor is fitted at minimum height and can take loads along the entire floor surface. With the main beams on the outside the load floor is the strong- est in the market and this adds to the service life of the trailer. With the option of an excavator trough between the rear wheels the transport height of exca- vators can be further reduced. 2 ASDV DRAWBAR SEMI-LOWLOADERS