Nooteboom Documentation English Supertrailer Drawbar Trailer - Page 13

Ramps ALUMINIUM HOOK-ON RAMPS OPERATION RAMPS LANDING GEAR Aluminium hook-on ramps can be an excellent The controls of the ramps are located on the left and For extra stability when the trailer is being loaded/ alternative if ramps are only used occasionally. The right-hand side of the trailer, next to the ramps. This unloaded, hinged landing legs are fitted at the rear of angle of inclination of these 2400 mm aluminium makes it easy to choose the safest and clearest situation the trailer. ramps is approx. 18 degrees. These aluminium ramps when operating the ramps. With the control unit the keep the dead weight down and make it easier to ramps as well as the width adjustment can be operated. carry a load that protrudes at the rear. 13