Nooteboom Documentation English Supertrailer Drawbar Trailer - Page 12

12 RAMPS PROGRAMME HYDRAULIC 3M RAMPS HYDRAULIC FOLDING RAMPS In order to ensure loading/unloading is as efficient The 3-metre long hydraulic ramps have an angle of The automatic hydraulic folding ramps are available in and safe as possible, Nooteboom has a wide range of inclination of approx.15 degrees. This makes it easy to 2 lengths. The 4m long, automatic folding ramps have ramps to choose from. Our programme includes ramps load most construction machinery such as excavators an angle of inclination of approx. 11 degrees. The of various lengths, widths, capacities and design. The and dumpers. 5m long folding ramps have an angle of inclination of load floor and hydraulic ramps, when lowered, fit just 9 degrees, which makes it even easier to drive the together seamlessly. load on and off the trailer. ASDV DRAWBAR SEMI-LOWLOADERS