Nooteboom Documentation English Supertrailer Drawbar Trailer - Page 10

10 OUTRIGGERS TÜV-CERTIFIED LASHING EYES CONTAINER GUIDES The load floor has a standard width of 2540 mm and In order to safely secure the load, the ASDV is For the transport of wide containers the ASDV can with outriggers can be extended to a width of 3040 equipped with 8-tonne TÜV-certified lashing eyes. optionally be equipped with removable container mm. The optional outriggers are galvanised and can The lashing eyes are flush-fitted in the load floor and guides. Over the full length of the load floor mounting be equipped with loose hardwood beams or with on the left and right-hand side at the bottom of the sleeves are installed in which the removable container hinged hardwood beams. excavator trough. guides can be fitted. ASDV DRAWBAR SEMI-LOWLOADERS