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Advantages EURO-PX low-loader

The EURO-PX low-loader is available with 2 to 10-axle lines . Unique characteristics are the deep and wide excavator trough in the axle bogie combined with pendulum axles offering an minimum axle load of 12 tonnes per axle line . This offers hauliers an extremely high payload and an unprecedented manoeuvrability due to the large steering angle . For extra load capacity and optimal weight distribution the Nooteboom EURO-PX low-loader can be combined with a Jeepdolly or Interdolly .
• EURO-PX rear bogie with 2-6 pendulum axle lines
• IC Interdolly with 1 to 4 pendulum axle lines
• 12t / axle line or 14t / axle line at 80 km / h
• Wide and deep excavator trough rear bogie
• Hydropneumatic suspension with 600mm stroke
• Tyres 245 / 70R17.5 or 285 / 70R19.5
• Axle distance 1360mm or 1510mm
• Width axle bogie 2520mm , 2740mm , 2840mm , or 2990mm
• Wide range of goosenecks
• Wide variety of load floors