Nooteboom Documentation English Multitrailer OSDS - Page 15

Details & Options WIDTH MARKER PLATES Storage unit for width If during transport the load protrudes from the sides of the marker plates vehicle, width marker plates must be used. The galvanised telescopic width marker plates are maintenance free and fitted with a retro-reflective warning sign and lighting. A flashing beacon can simply be attached to the flashing beacon stake. SPARE WHEEL CARRIER Aluminium sideboards on There are various storage options available for the spare gooseneck wheel, ranging from a carrier underneath the load floor to a location on the front of the gooseneck. LOADFLOOR WIDTH ADJUSTMENT The load floor has a standard width of 2550 mm and can Storage unit for stakes be extended to just over 3000 mm by means of outrig- gers. On either side of the load floor 10 ‘Heavy Duty’ galvanised outriggers are fitted. Special extension beams fit between the consoles. STORAGE BOX AND TOOLBOX To safely stow the extension beams and loose materials, Toolbox under the load floor Nooteboom can supply various storage solutions on the OSDS. Ranging from a compact, lockable toolbox and storage box for the extension beams underneath the load floor to a large lockable box on the gooseneck. EXTENDIBLE LOAD FLOOR There are various versions in the OSDS semi low-loader 5-tonne electric Superwinch programme that can be equipped with an extendible load floor to extend the loading surface behind the gooseneck from 9 to nearly 16 metres in length. The load floor can be extended in steps of approx. 50 cm. 15