Nooteboom Documentation English Multitrailer OSDS - Page 14

SELF-TRACKING AXLES Connections air/electricity For improved manoeuvrability and reduced tyre wear the OSDS semi low-loaders are equipped as standard with at least one self-tracking axle. For a 3-axle vehicle this will be the rearmost axle, for a 4-axle vehicle it will be the two rearmost axles. Due to the central beam construction of the OSDS this self-steering axle has a very generous steering angle of 20 degrees. SUSPENSION & EBS BRAKE SYSTEM Hella EasyConn lighting The OSDS semi low-loader is equipped as standard with EBS and a Wabco air suspension system. This system provides an extremely comfortable ride. It can also be used to raise and lower the load floor, with a total travel in height of 200 mm. The EBS comes complete with RSS Rollover Stability Support, which identiefies roll-over ten- dencies of the trailer. TYRES AND AXLES Central control panel The OSDS semi low-loaders are equipped as standard with SAF axles with modern hub units and automatic adjusters. The steel disc wheels are fitted as standard with Michelin tyres, type 245/70R17.5 XTE2, double mounted. TÜV certified lashing BEAVERTAIL LOAD FLOOR provisions The EB version of the OSDS semi low-loader has a load floor which slopes at the rear for safe and easy loading/ unloading of the machines. This 1150 mm long slope, together with the ramps, ensures the angle of gradient is optimal for driving the load onto/off the trailer. The bea- ver is made with hardwood as standard. Galvanised steel grids can be fitted if extra traction is required. Excellent torsional stiffness EXTREMELY STRONG GOOSENECK due to central beam system The gooseneck of the OSDS semi low-loader is extremely strong, despite being only 185 mm thick. This allows the front of the semi-trailer to stay very low. The gooseneck is so strong that it can carry machinery without any prob- lems. The gooseneck of the OSDS semi low-loader can be used with 4x2, 6x2 and 6x4 tractors and has a coupling height of 1250 mm. Of course different coupling heights are included in the programme. 14 OSDS SEMI LOW-LOADERS