Nooteboom Documentation English Multitrailer OSDS - Page 13

Ramps VARIOUS VERSIONS All hydraulically operated ramps are available in various widths, ranging from 780 to 1250 mm. The load floor can be supplied in wood or with a galvanized steel grid for extra traction, depending on the machines that will be carried. There are also various other different options available, such as special strips that provide extra grip for tracked vehicles or special reinforcement for ultra-heavy machines. Galvanised steel grid in load floor Width adjustment of 2x60 cm in total Support legs for extra stabil- ity during loading/unloading Hydraulic width adjustment of ramps Control unit for ramps HYDRAULIC OPERATION To fold/unfold the ramps and to adjust the width, an electro-hydraulic pump is integrated in the chassis. The various functions of the ramps are operated from the central control unit. 13