Nooteboom Documentation English Multitrailer OSDS - Page 12

LOADING RAMPS In order to ensure loading/unloading is as efficient and safe as possible, Nooteboom has a wide range of ramps to choose from. The programme includes ramps of various lengths, widths and design. The hydraulic ramps, when lowered, and load floor fit together seamlessly. HYDRAULIC 3-METRE RAMPS The 3-metre hydraulic operated ramp provides a loading angle of 13 degrees and offers easy access for almost all plant machinery such as excavators 13 o and dumpers. The width adjustment can be operated mechanically or hydraulically. HYDRAULIC 4-METRE FOLDING RAMPS The 4-metre automatic folding ramps have an angle of gradient of just 9.5 degrees, which 9,5 o 4000 makes driving onto the load floor very easy. HYDRAULIC 5-METRE FOLDING RAMPS With an angle of gradient of only 7.6 degrees, the 5-metre automatic folding ramps offer the easiest 7,5 o 5000 access to the load floor. These ramps are the pre- ferred option for machinery with very little ground clearance, such as access platforms. The width adjustment is hydraulically operated. ALUMINIUM HOOK ON RAMPS Aluminium hook-on ramps can be an excellent alternative if ramps are only occasionally used for 15 o loading the trailer. The angle of gradient of these 2400 mm alu ramps is 15 degrees. LOADING ON THE GOOSENECK The OSDS is ideally suited for carrying loads on the gooseneck. The ramps hook on to U-shape, imme- diately behind the sloping gooseneck. Due to the sloping gooseneck and ramps the machines can be loaded safely and without difficulty. 12 OSDS SEMI LOW-LOADERS