Nooteboom Documentation English Multitrailer OSDS with wheelwells - Page 2


The new 3-axle semi low-loader OSDS-44-03WEB is specially designed for the transport of large wheel loaders and dumpers . The main purpose of this semi low-loader with wheel wells is to transport all kind of brands and types of machinery through Europe without special permits . This means GCW of 40-44 tons legal limit ( depending on country ), transport height within 4m and combination length within 16.5m . To achieve these goals , the deadweight of the trailer , the dimensions and positioning of the wheel wells and the load floor length has been optimized . This offers the transport company as much flexibility as possible and the lowest operational costs .
In spite of its low dead weight , the semi low-loader with wheel wells is extremely robust and the chassis is torsionresistant . This results in excellent lateral stability when fully loaded . Within the GCW of 40-44 tonnes , this OSDS-44- 03WEB semi low-loader offers a payload of 25 tonnes . With special permit the payload can go up to as much as 35 tonnes !
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