Nooteboom Documentation English Multitrailer MCOS - Page 13

Loading ramps

ALUMINIUM HOOK-ON RAMPS Aluminium hook-on ramps can be an excellent alternative if the ramps are only occasionally used for loading the trailer . The angle of inclination of these 2400 mm aluminium ramps is approx . 18 degrees . The use of aluminium ramps reduces the dead weight and makes it easier to overhang the load at the rear .
HYDRAULIC GOOSENECK RAMP For easy loading of machinery onto the gooseneck , the semi-loader can be equipped with a hydraulic gooseneck ramp . This ramp is available with a galvanized grid floor or a hardwood floor .
OPERATION RAMPS The controls of the ramps are located on the left and right-hand side of the trailer , next to the ramps . This makes it easy to choose the safest and clearest situation when operating the ramps . With the control unit the ramps as well as the width adjustment can be operated .