Nooteboom Documentation English Ballasttrailer - Page 3

The Nooteboom Ballasttrailer is available with 4- , 5- and 6-axles including hydraulic powersteering . It offers superior transport efficiency at the lowest operating costs . Nooteboom Ballasttrailers are also available with an extendible load floor . The 5 , 6 and 7-axle trailers are equipped with Counter Steering as standard , whereby the front axle is forced to turn in the opposite direction to the rear axles . This optimises the manoeuvrability when moving forward or reversing and it helps to prolong the life of the tyres .
• Extremely high payload , up to 100 tonnes GVW
• Excellent manoeuvrability due to hydraulic turntable steering and Counter Steering
• Easy to drive in rough terrain due to generous ground clearance
• Reliable , robust and durable
• Extremely driver-friendly due to ease of operation
• Solid chassis , great torsional stiffness and flexural strength
• Specially designed for concentrated , high-point loads
• Very low operating costs , maintenance friendly