Nooteboom Documentation English Ballasttrailer - Page 2


The Nooteboom Ballasttrailer is specially designed for the transport of crane ballast and other heavy loads . The success of the Ballasttrailer is due to the arrival of large telescopic cranes . In 1985 Nooteboom introduced the first 6-axle Ballasttrailer OBL-78 for the Dutch company Van Seumeren . The Dutch Ministry for Transport granted this concept the certification to drive on public roads with a GVW of up to 100 tonnes . With the Ballasttrailer , Nooteboom changed the Dutch crane hire market forever .
Over the years Nooteboom has introduced this concept in many European countries too , where by now it is fully accepted . This is also due to the steady support of the European Association of Abnormal Road Transport and Mobile Cranes , ESTA , in which Nooteboom is actively involved . Nowadays hundreds of Nooteboom Ballasttrailers are in operation in many European countries .
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